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Replacement Parts, Accessories & Full Services

Apple: iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch

Samsung: Galaxy - Note - Tablet



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We   bought  replacements from Td-Phone. Good quality - Fast shipping." 

– Carlos & Gabriela Ramirez, Hayward Ca.

"Went to craigslist to find someone to replace the battery in my kids iPod 4 Tiffany did the job quick and by mail. While I not going to crack it open to inspect the repair the case looks flawless and the iPod works great." - Nice Folks B., Danville Ca.

"I should have come to Tiffany first. My iPhone 4S's LCD cracked when it fell on its face. Thinking I could follow a repair video on YouTube, I ordered a new LCD online. The video I followed showed how easy it was to take out the battery - it was not. It is glued. I punctured it, causing a spark and some smoke to come out of it. Once I replaced the screen and put everything back together, the phone did not work. I was hoping it was just the battery. Not wanting to wait for another online delivery, I called around. Tiffany was least expensive - almost 1/3 the cost of the next guy. I came in that evening with my phone still open. Before selling me the battery, Tiffany plugged in a new one. The screen flashed quickly, but the phone did not turn on. Tiffany examined the phone some more and told me that I must have screwed up the motherboard. I was not surprised, as I used what was around the battery for leverage in getting it unglued. In the end, she did not charge me for the battery that would not solve my problem anyway or for the diagnostics. Honest." - AI D, Castro Valley Ca.